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With more ride-sharing apps, car crashes are skyrocketing

As the number of people using for-hire car services like Uber has increased in New York, so, too, has the number of accidents

Crashes involving the for-hire vehicles have more than tripled over the past two years — from 534 in July 2014 to 1,672 in June 2016.

Records obtained by The Post showed the frightening leap, which is the only major jump in numbers involving TLC-licensed automobiles during that same period.

There were five fatal crashes involving black car drivers between May and June of this year — just two less than all of 2015.

In comparison, there have been no yellow taxis involved in accidents that resulted in a fatality so far in 2016. The number of yellow cab drivers involved in crashes has actually gone down over the years — with 1,168 unfolding in July 2014, 1,118 in July 2015 and 1,054 in June 2016.

Since January, black cars have been involved in a total of 9,062 crashes, which is 4,273 more than what was recorded during the same time span in 2015.

The increase in fender-benders in that lone sector has ultimately boosted overall crashes per month from 2,835 in July 2014 to 3,814 in June 2016.

It comes at a time when drivers often work for multiple driving services such as Uber, Lyft and Juno — and may have more than one cellphone or tablet in their cars, taking their focus off the road.

“The devices can be quite distracting,” said Nancy Soria, vice president of Green Taxis of New York. “On Twitter, a passenger said her driver was watching a movie. Some of them do things like that. Some of them work for Uber and Lyft and other companies. They are constantly in between.”

The TLC notes that the increase in crashes is in line with the increase in for-hire cars on the road over that same period.

Since January, black cars have been involved in a total of 9,062 crashes, which is 4,273 more than what was recorded during the same time span in 2015.

Since January, black cars have been involved in a total of 9,062 crashes, which is 4,273 more than what was recorded during the same time span in 2015.

They added that the data not only encompass the number of drivers who may have had a causal role in a crash, but also ones who were either victims or innocent participants.

Some of the accidents are as minor as a parked black car’s mirror getting clipped by a passing vehicle, the agency said.

Still, taxi industry officials are pouncing — saying this is because the black cars have far less regulation.

“There is highly uneven enforcement on the street that skews heavily against yellow cabbies due to their high visibility and away from black cars which blend into the streetscape and are often impossible to differentiate from passenger cars at a distance,” said Michael Woloz, who represents the Metropolitan Taxicab Board of Trade, the largest taxi trade association in the city

“This uneven regulation results in more dangerous drivers gravitating to the less regulated black car app companies where drivers know they will not receive as many summonses and will be allowed to operate even if their license is suspended,” he explained. “Put it all together and you have a recipe for more crashes and more dangerous streets.”

Soria said she feels like lack of experience also plays a role.

“These newbies only came for the dreams, they aren’t professional drivers,” she seethed. “They are promising money instant for them to get in. I’ve seen a lot of terrible black car drivers. They disregard stop signs, run past me and don’t use their turn signals.”

And passengers seem to agree — saying they are sick and tired of having to deal with distracted drivers who are constantly fiddling with their makeshift mobile command centers.

More US drivers may be dying because of smartphones

“I have experienced drivers focusing more on 10 screens than my safety,” fumed Lindsay O’Brien, a 25-year-old waitress from Midtown. “I think it’s ridiculous. It’s not normal for drivers to text, call, or touch a gadget in the corner of the car. I see even police officers do it. The drivers aren’t paying attention or don’t give a crap.”

Michael Vier, a 32-year-old law clerk from Manhattan, said he thinks black car companies should enforce more rules about the electronics.

“Uber and other services should implement better training, practices, and standards for their drivers,” he said. “There should be zero tolerance for using [gadgets] while driving. I would switch to a service that had those types of policies.”

Soria believes the underlying problem, though, is the city’s eagerness to catapult the black car industry after Uber and Lyft became financial successes in recent years.

“The city should have put a cap on the growing number of black cars,” she said. “It just keeps growing and growing. The TLC is giving out tons of plates a day and they are all going to black cars. Congestion is at its worst. They need to figure something out. I think this is out of control. It’s the Wild Wild West out there and the TLC is turning the other way and not doing anything about it.”

Additional reporting by Elizabeth Rosner

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There are many great religious and American holidays during the year that are meant to be celebrated with your friends, family, and loved ones. But Valentine’s Day is the one day out of the year reserved for your significant other. While holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are meant to be shared among all the family and friends that you care about, Valentine’s Day is the one holiday exclusively dedicated to your partner. If you are the boyfriend or the husband, use this holiday to show her how much you truly care about her. This year, make sure to treat her to some flowers, chocolates, that nice candlelight dinner, and of course show her a romantic night on the town with Empire Limousine. Empire Limo has all of the vehicles for a beautiful Valentine’s Day Charlotte Limousine ride. Wherever you are going, we will make sure you ride in comfort and in style. Call us now at (800) 431-0313 to reserve the right vehicle for your Valentine’s Day evening!

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January 8th, 2013 – Top 10 Travel Destinations for 2013

There is something about the beginning of a new year that makes us all want to plan the next steps in our daily lives. For some, planning takes the form of personal goals, like losing weight, finding a new job, completing a marathon or seeking out a significant other. And for others it is as simple as booking the next family vacation.

But, when it comes to travel, what would your most desired destination be if money and time were no object? Fly.com recently asked 875 US. travelers where they would most like to travel to in 2013. And the results are in.

Here is a rundown of America’s top 10 most desired countries in 2013.

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October 24th, 2012 – Where to go in 2013: Travel’s new hot spots

Jayne Clark USA TODAY

7:50AM EDT October 24. 2012 – Lonely Planet’s annual Best in Travel 2013 is hot off the presses (Lonely Planet, $14.99) with some surprising picks in its top 10 locations list. (Madagascar, anyone?)

Closer-to-home spots that made the grade include the Gulf Coast, which is experiencing a comeback after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and perennial “best list” favorite, San Francisco, which hosts the America’s Cup competition next year.

The slim, colorful volume is compiled by editors and contributors to the popular guide book series, all of them self-proclaimed travel geeks. Categories include top countries, regions and cities, along with themed lists, ranging from best-value destinations to top spots to get tattooed.

“We look for timeliness – not just what’s hot and trending now, but what’s ahead,” says Andy Murdock, U.S. digital editor at Lonely Planet.

For instance, Chachapoyas & Kuelap, Peru, made the cut because new roads into the isolated, archaeologically rich region are gradually being developed. Christchurch, New Zealand, with its vibrant arts scene, got a nod for its collective spirit of renewal after devastating earthquakes in 2010 and 2011. Iceland is on the list thanks to its otherworldly landscape and proximity to east coast cities.

Madagascar ranks No. 10 in Lonely Planet’s top countries for 2013. (Democratic reforms are making it more welcoming. Go before everyone else does, the authors advise.)

The remaining nine in descending order:

9. Dominican Republic – More flights are going to the island and a number of new resorts are opening in 2013.

8. Turkey – Look beyond Istanbul and the coastal resorts and take advantage of new low-fare airlines to see points beyond.

7. Iceland — Its lunar-like setting captivates visitors.

6. Solomon Islands – A low-key Pacific getaway where homestays and eco-resorts trump mass-market franchises and luxury hotels.

5. Slovakia – Skiing at spruced-up resorts is just one of the high-altitude activities in this country, which turns 20 in 2013.

4. Ecuador – Its railway, devastated in the 1990s by flooding, is set to be back up and running in 2013, making it easier to explore the Andean nation.

3. South Korea – 2013 brings three international sporting events to the country, whose capital, Seoul, is bursting with high-level energy.

2. Montenegro – Go for its rugged interior with a growing number of hiking and biking trails, or stick to the coast, site of new, high-profile developments.

1. Sri Lanka – After a 26-year civil war that ended in 2009 and a devastating tsunami in 2004, this South Asia country has bounced back and is one of the best-value destinations around.

October 1st, 2012 – Empire Limousine Launches its new Website.

Empire Limousine has launched a brand new website. This website allows people looking for limos to find all the relevant information they need with ease and even book a limo online.

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