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Travel Agent Commission

Leave an impression on your clients by using Empire Limousine fleet services. We cater a number of corporate transportation needs which can help you leave a positive long-lasting impression on your clients.

Empire Limousine offers a commission when you act as a travel agent with us. You will receive 5% commission for every booking you make with us for each client. So whenever your client makes a ride with any of our fleet, you will be getting a 5% commission from their ride!

Whether it is for business travel, airport transportation or sightseeing for your clients, we are here for you as the travel partner for corporate functions and meetings. We have a large selection of vehicles in our fleet and are always ready whenever you need our services.

The best thing about our fleet service is that we provide professional chauffeurs that ensure your clients will have a safe and comfortable drive. Our chauffeurs are trained to provide unbeatable service to your clients.

Being an international fleet provider, we help you make the booking through our website. You can easily make an online reservation even at the last moment for your clients. To know more about our services and your savings simply call us at: (800) 431-0313.

Plans to make regular savings?

Simply set up an account with us and make all bookings for your clients through us. You will be paid back through the same account.

What are you waiting for? Make your client’s booking with Empire Limousine today and keep on saving forever!

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